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Writer, Director
Casting Director
Producer, Editor

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flying a plane in 1988, plus many other incredible and wonderful opportunties to waste time. You have to follow numerous links, but you can truly waste a lot of time if you want. Well, some of it is quite interesting.... you will see my filmmaking evolution since 1999. You have to keep clicking deeper and deeper into the old site. It is not well organized. I will not be fixing any broken links or videos that don't work now.

Also, you can click here to see me doing some public speaking. I can teach you to speak in public btw.

I am multi talented, and besides filmmaking I am an inventor, former bushpilot, industrial designer and hypnotherpist. I have written two books. However now I am concentrating on being a movie director in Vancouver.
I made my first short film in 1999. It got sold for TV broadcast. Selling your first short film is almost unheard of. Since then, I have sold a total of 7 short films to TV. Real TV, not internet TV. This is also very rare.

The picture quality of these 7 shorts was admittedly not that good. Then why did they sell?

They sold because of the writing, the acting, and the directing. And good directing starts with good casting.

I know how to make movies that sell.

Actors like working with me. I helped an actress win a Best Actress Award.

If you have a movie project that you want to succeed, give me a call.
My 91 IMDB movie credits are here.
I have all the gear needed to make your movie, including camera, super tripod, lights, audio, dolly, steady cam, teleprompter and a green screen studio.

Editing page with samples

Low cost movie packages

Learn filmmaking with me, one on one

Web videos with spokesmodels

I can get a higher end camera if it is required for your project.

Actors, models, newbie producer, crew
PARTNER wanted.

My home studio:
1898 Balsam St
Apartment 4
Vancouver BC
V6K 3M4